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Our staff treats mild to severe cases on a daily basis.

These are some examples of orthodontic problems we can correct.


Case 1 – Crowding

In this patient’s case, the “eye” teeth are up higher than normal and the upper jaw has crowding.

Case 2 – Overlap

This patient’s upper jaw has spacing and front teeth overlap severely.

Case 3 – Openbite

This patient’s front teeth do not touch normally, forming an openbite.

Case 4 – Spacing

In this case, there is a spacing problem in the upper jaw.

Case 5 – Overbite

The patient’s upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth, forming an overbite.

Case 6 – Underbite

In this case, the upper teeth are inside the lower teeth, which is also known as an underbite.

Orthodontic treatment can truly transform smiles and people’s lives.

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Love From Our Patients

  • Dr. Clark is a true and dedicated professional. She handled my braces journey satisfactorily and all is still well over 10 years ago...
  • So far my experience with Dr. Clark has been great. She always makes sure I know how the process goes so that I’m not scared or uncomfortable. She’s very careful when using her hands and the tools. Also, I love how interactive her office is with the public. Every time I go there, I can’t forget the shirt that they gave me, plus report cards to earn orthobucks!!! (In the future those become gift cards!!) She and her staff are all great! My brother was the first one who came with Dr. Clark, and because we (as a family) liked her so much, now we are back. 10/10!
  • Such a wonderful experience! They always got my daughter in, in a timely manner. They made her feel very comfortable whenever she was a little nervous. Very clean office and very friendly staff. Plus you get “orthobucks” for good grades and wearing the braces shirt and get little prizes if you get a certain amount. Oh did I mention, her teeth were very crooked when she went in the first time and now are perfectly straight and she has a beautiful smile. Thank you Dr. Clark and staff for giving my daughter her confidence back! Definitely recommend!
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